i like aeroplane jelly

Strawberry Jelly Slice.

An oldie but a goodie! So simple to make and no need to bake.

A biscuit base, creamy lemon filling and strawberry jelly as the final layer.
I even added a few fresh strawberries on top to add something special…

Recipe Source: My mum.


5 thoughts on “i like aeroplane jelly

  1. Julie Giblin

    Hi Eloise,
    This is one of my favourites both to eat and to make.The fresh strawberries are a great idea.Fran had told me about your blog and Sheena and I have looked at this morning as she’s off to a friend’s house to make macaroons.I took her and 2 friends to Chapel St yesterday to visit TOPSHOP and after paying $3.00 each at Lindt for several macaroons , they decided they were going to try to make them!Your tower has inspired them!Honestly your photos and presentation are very professional looking,you have a real knack…if only a sample tasting could be incorporated into the website.So well done!Also ,I’ve collected antique china and linen for years if you ever want to borrow anything for your photos.Your Mum has our phone number.Keep up the fantastic work!


    • thejamdrop

      Hi Julie, Thanks for checking out my blog! glad i’ve inspired them to make macaroons…i’m sure they will taste delicious!! better than the Lindt ones… Also i’m yet to visit TOPSHOP must check it out soon. If i ever need some antiques ill be sure to let you know. Thanks again!!


  2. Sharon

    hi, I found this delicious looking slice on your website, but not sure how to click on the recipe? Are the recipes available on your site? All very new to this.


    • thejamdrop

      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for your comment. This was one of the first few posts I did so I haven’t attached a link or recipe. Most of my later posts should have a link at the bottom of each one to the relevant recipe. My blog is mainly about the photos so that’s why sometimes there is not recipe. But I’ll write out the jelly slice recipe for you below for you try it out!

      Jelly Slice (best done overnight to allow to set)

      225g Marie Biscuits – crushed
      190gm Melted Butter

      Lemon Layer:
      400gm (one tin) sweetened condensed milk
      Juice of 2 lemons
      2 tsp gelatine (1 pkt) dissolved in 3/4 cup boiling water

      Topping: 2 pkts Jelly crystals – dissolved (only use half the amount of water according to the packet directions)

      Combine crushed biscuits with melted butter and press into base of a slice tin – lined with baking paper. Refrigerate and allow to set.
      Blend condensed milk with lemon juice and dissolved gelatine. Spread over the base – allow to fully set.
      Pour the cold, cool jelly over the base (add in any toppings such a strawberries at this stage) and set again.
      Remove from the tin, slice and keep refrigerated.



      • Sharon

        You are amazing, thanks so much. The photo you have on your blog just looks so good – so much better than most photos and can only imagine that it must taste twice as good.

        Thank You Thank You Thank You


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