very berry blue.


(Frangipane: is a filling made from or flavoured like almonds used for cakes, tarts and other assorted pastries)

Lately I seem to have an endless supply of almond meal (out of all things…?) – so decided to use it up and make a frangipane slice!

The original recipe actually uses raspberries and pineapple, but blueberries work just as well and taste super yum. Serve warm, with a berry ice-cream… a very berry dessert!

 Recipe Source: (frangipane slice)


5 thoughts on “very berry blue.

  1. Emily

    Those look so good! I love almond flavored desserts and I bet they are good with both blueberries or raspberries! I might be overlooking things, but I can’t find where you’ve posted the recipe? (I’m also curious about the microwave cake you made.) I just started a blog a few months ago ( and think your blog looks great!


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