Esterhazy Torte is a traditional Hungarian and Austrian cake, named after Prince Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy and introduced in the 19th century.

This delicious cake generally consists of  5-6 layers of almond/hazelnut meringue sandwiched between hazelnut (NUTELLA) buttercream! I decided to cover it with white chocolate ganache and toasted nuts around the edges.

It’s rich, moist and tastes like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate… SO GOOD.

Try making it this Easter, you won’t regret it!

Esterhazy Torte Recipe: (makes 2 cakes)

1. Esterhazy Sponge

550g Egg white

400g Caster Sugar

300g Almond Meal

300g Hazelnut Meal

  • Warm egg whites and sugar to 35c over a water bath
  • Whisk them together to a medium peak
  • Fold almond and hazelnut meal through egg whites carefully to not loose aeration
  • Spread mix evenly over 3 trays
  • Bake at 210c for 7-10 minutes (just cooked so it doesn’t dry out)
  • Remove from tray immediately and cool down

2. Esterhazy Butter Cream

200ml Milk

150g Caster Sugar

200g Egg Yolk

65g Caster Sugar

10g Gelatine Leaf

800g Butter soft

100g Nougat (Nutella) Paste

  • Boil milk and 150g caster sugar
  • Then pour over egg yolk and 65g caster sugar
  • Cook this over low fire till thickened like a custard
  • Soak gelatine in cold water, drain and dissolve in custard
  • Place custard mix in a mixing bowl (electric beater) and mix till it cools down to 40c (this is important so the egg doesn’t curdle)
  • Add soft butter little by little while whisking on medium speed
  • Mix till butter disappears and mixture becomes light and fluffy
  • Fold in Nutella and use straight away


  • Cut each sheet in 4 equal sizes, each cake needs 6 layers of sponge
  • Place first sheet onto lined clean tray, spread thin layer of butter cream over the top and repeat this process 6 times
  • The top layer should be covered with a thin layer of butter cream and placed in the fridge to set firm. (This can be stored over-night of frozen)
  • Trim off any excess edges before icing
  • For the icing, it is optional traditionally it is covered with white fondant and melted chocolate is piped on top for feathering. Alternatively use a white chocolate ganache, nuts etc.

Recipe Source: William Angliss Cakes & Tortes Cookbook


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