muffin break.


I’ve recently returned back to studying, but this change of routine requires motivation… which is sometimes lacking with my tendency to procrastinate and take study ‘breaks’. I just read pages 3-8, I deserve a break now, right?

To do something productive in my break, I cooked something quick and easy… muffins! They are great snacks, cure boredom and generally require the ingredients already in your pantry… no extra supermarket trip required!

Blueberry muffins are always delicious and the muffin top, well that’s the best part! Crunchy on top but still soft and fruity underneath. Muffins are a simple but never failing treat … I wish Uni was like a muffin then I could never fail… back to study now.

Recipe Source: Adapted from… check out this classic blueberry muffin recipe


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