the proof is in the puff.


A timeless favourite of mine is the chocolate profiterole. They are simple yet elegant. Made from a light, puffy choux (shoe) pastry and filled with delicious creme patisserie or whipped cream. Profiteroles can then be dipped in chocolate, toffee or dusted with icing sugar. If you’re up for the challenge they can even be transformed into a spectacular croquembouche!

The difficulty is probably mastering the choux pastry. With only four ingredients (butter, water, flour and eggs) it still took me several attempts to get my profiteroles to puff. Note: Patience and cooking them until golden brown ensures they don’t collapse and end up like pancakes…

Have a go at these classy little puffs, the end result is definitely worth it.

2012-08-09 13.52.342012-08-09 13.52.142012-08-09 13.59.39 2012-08-09 14.03.17

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