It’s cake o’clock!


Firstly, it’s friday! Yay! Secondly, it’s cake o-clock! Time to reward yourself with an end of the week treat… What about these delicious orange and cream cheese chocolate cupcakes? (That’s a mouthful in itself!)

These cute cupcakes have been adapted from a simple chocolate cupcake recipe with the addition of orange rind, cream cheese icing and candied almonds to garnish. As you take a bite into these sweet and zesty cupcakes you will find a cream cheese surprise hiding in the centre!

So take a break for cake o’clock and enjoy a hard earned treat! Yum!

IMG_5318IMG_5337  IMG_5353IMG_5350IMG_5363

 Recipe Source: Adapted from


One thought on “It’s cake o’clock!

  1. Edi

    Eloise I work with your lovely mum and we are so lucky to get to taste your most beautiful cakes! I am a big fan of your baking. These cupcakes were absolutely delicious – and I’m going to try your scone recipe – Edi


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