flavours of bali.


The tropical island of Bali is full of breathtaking sunsets, incredible views, exotic food, delicious cocktails and friendly balinese smiles!

My friends and I have just returned from this glorious island and it did not disappoint. It was a week filled with sunny days, spicy food, cheap massages and fun memories (minus the uninvited bali belly!)

Here’s a few snaps from my little trip to paradise. I think I have fallen in love with Bali…

IMG_7091IMG_0252IMG_7219IMG_7230IMG_7058IMG_7082IMG_7066IMG_7102IMG_0372IMG_7094IMG_7221IMG_7119IMG_7111IMG_7214IMG_7106IMG_7157IMG_7141IMG_7295IMG_7125IMG_7095IMG_7030IMG_7485IMG_7466IMG_0165#justanotherdayinparadise #willbeback #marryingkatut ❤


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