there is a hole in this cake.


When deciding to make this yoghurt and passionfruit syrup cake I couldn’t help but think (laugh) about the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding…

What is it? its a bunt. A bunntttt, a bonk, a bunnnnnnnnt. its a cake. A CAKE!

There is a hole in this cake. 

Yes, this is a (very rustic) bundt cake, but don’t let the missing centre deter you from its deliciousness! It’s super moist, sweet and slightly tart from the yoghurt. As it is so moist it requires a little extra time than the average cake to bake. However do remember, choosing to put a hole in it will help reduce the cooking time (handy!)

And as we have kissed goodbye to summer the availability of passionfruit is becoming harder to source but this cake can be adapted to various fruit combos. Like lemons. Or oranges (even handier!)

Bring this along to your next party and have everyone tongue twisted about whether its a bunk or a bunnnnnnt. Either way, its a cake and everyone will be happy in the end! IMG_2797IMG_2819 IMG_2796 Recipe Source:


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