sundae fundae


Sundays are reserved for fun days. It is on these days, you deserve to treat yo self to a little indulgence. Sundays are also lazy days and no one wants to spend hours prepping a homemade apple pie, pastry and all.

Create that instant treat yo self moment by whipping up a no fuss ice cream sundae or perhaps try the latest fad to brace our screens and the answer to all of our ice cream dreams, the ice cream sandwich.

Similar to a sundae an ice cream sandwich consists of ice cream sandwiched between cookies and… actually, they are quite different. But ice cream!? And cookies!? Am I right?

Right… so here we go…

Take two chocolate chip cookies, a big dollop of vanilla (or in this case, banana) ice cream, add some other toppings like sprinkles, peanuts, choc chips or coconut, then press together and voilà! In minutes you will have yourself a delicious frosty treat, perfect for those lazy sundays and just as yummy as those classic sundaes.

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8IMG_6753 fixed


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